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Why Are My Toddler Clients Gagging On Their Foods?

Our friend and colleague, Lisa Aquilino Haley, Occupational Therapist, is at it again. Giving you the inside knowledge to help those trickiest of eaters. Lisa Aquilino Haley has 15 years of pediatric occupational therapy experience. Her expertise shines through in feeding issues. She conducts videofluoroscopic swallowing studies and is a …

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Mid-Upper Arm Circumference in Pediatric Malnutrition

Traditionally, weight, length/height, weight-for-length/BMI were used to identify pediatric malnutrition. In hospitalized children with special health care needs, obtaining a weight and length/height at admission can often be challenging, let alone getting an accurate measurement. Acute illness can affect weight via fluid shifts (think edema, ascites or even steroid use) …

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