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Mid-Upper Arm Circumference in Pediatric Malnutrition

Traditionally, weight, length/height, weight-for-length/BMI were used to identify pediatric malnutrition. In hospitalized children with special health care needs, obtaining a weight and length/height at admission can often be challenging, let alone getting an accurate measurement. Acute illness can affect weight via fluid shifts (think edema, ascites or even steroid use) …

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🌟 Our 2019 Highlights 🌟

Our first ever webinar: 5 Steps to Assessing Infants Like a Pro, at the tail end of 2018, had a whopping 743 people enrolled – yes, that’s right! We knew then, that we were on the right path, and that you were looking for more information on pediatric nutrition. 2019 …

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Does the Timing of Complementary Feeding impact Obesity in Children? Plus Our Exciting NEWS!

You guys…. WE DID IT!!!!! Our business, Nutrition Masterclass, is now a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Accredited Provider with the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR). BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!!! We’ve been tirelessly filling out applications for the last year and getting field matter experts to review all our work. In …

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Proton Pump Inhibitors: Friend or Foe?

As pediatric dietitians providing interventions for children with complex medical issues, we frequently run into kids struggling with reflux. Many of these kids are treated with reflux medications as a result. NASPGHAN’s publication of their pediatric reflux guidelines in 2018 HERE present an algorithm where thickened feeds, formula changes and …

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Your Picky Eating Resources

  Okay, so we get that we’re no longer in October for this “October” edition of Newsbites. As two busy moms, Halloween 🎃👻, full time Dietitians and entrepreneurs, time wasn’t on our side 😉 In the spirit of picky eating, we decided to share resources adapted for the newbie pediatric …

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