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How Can We Help You In 2023?

Julie here. Nutrition Masterclass saw its start in 2018. I remember our very first chat about the business you see today. Charlene and I were in the office together at our local children’s hospital. I had just gotten off the phone with a community dietitian who rarely saw pediatric patients, …

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Why and How to Teach Straw Drinking

Our friend and colleague, Lisa Aquilino Haley, Occupational Therapist, is at it again. Giving you the inside knowledge to help those trickiest kiddos. Lisa Aquilino Haley has over 16 years of pediatric occupational therapy experience. In the most recent 7 years, she has been supporting infants, children and families experiencing …

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Allergy Testing in High Risk Infants, Should We Screen Before Introducing Highly Allergenic Foods?

With allergic infants being “frequent flyers” these days, it’s important to have the latest information at your fingertips. This question came up during a webinar on Infant Food Allergy we did for the Primary Care Dietitians’ Association (PCDA) back in November 2021: “Did I do the right thing?” A Dietitian present explained …

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