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How Can We Help You In 2023?

Julie here.

Nutrition Masterclass saw its start in 2018.

I remember our very first chat about the business you see today. Charlene and I were in the office together at our local children’s hospital. I had just gotten off the phone with a community dietitian who rarely saw pediatric patients, and I could feel her discomfort and how she didn’t know where to start.

I walked her through her patient, emailed her my cheat sheet and offered her to call me again if she needed anything, but that interaction didn’t sit right with me.

You see, Charlene and I often got calls from our peers who were in need of guidance. We still do.

And we both felt like we weren’t doing enough.

Like we were skimming the surface.

We knew we could do more.

It stirred an amazing conversation between Charlene and me.

What if WE created online courses on pediatric nutrition?!

And we did.

It wasn’t easy. The learning curve was steep. We weren’t tech wiz or bloggers, lol. What you see today is 4 years of hard work, passion and love. And we couldn’t have done any of it without YOU.

Nutrition Masterclass is as much yours as it is ours.

We’ve realized that we’re now in a unique position. We have an online platform and access to experts to be able to deliver what you need and want.


So tell us, how can we help YOU in 2023?

How can we make your job easier?

What tools do you need?

What areas of your practice would you like to be more confident in?

Here’s what we’re working on for 2023:
✳️ Because your #1 request remains picky eating, we’re putting together another picky eating webinar series early this winter – stay tuned, we’ve pulled together an all-star guest speaker list! We’ll be sending out details over the next weeks!
✳️ We’re really thinking of offering a brand new 4-part webinar series in the spring. Do you have burning topics you want included? Any guest speakers you would love to appear on our list? Now’s the time to have your voice heard.
✳️Obviously, we’ll be offering more webinars – it’s never too late to submit your wish list of topics and speakers!


Is your 2023 goal to see more pediatric patients but you lack the confidence, experience and skills? Wish you could have everything all bundled at your fingertips with experts available to answer your questions and point you in the right direction?

Then our flagship course Infant Nutrition Essentials is for you.

It’s a 6 month course that includes a combination of pre-recorded on-line modules, workbooks and cheat sheets, as well as live Q&A and case study sessions.

It runs once per year. Want to be sure you don’t miss your next opportunity to join in the Fall of 2023? Get on our waitlist HERE so you’ll hear about it first at the best price point!

2022 was a big year for us.

Here are some of our highlights in case you missed them.

Our free webinars are always such a big hit! Each have had more than 700 students enroll, with our most popular webinar getting really close to 1800 students!

Two new FREE webinars in 2022:

Growth Failure – A New Roadmap for a Common Problem

The Adapted Baby-Led Weaning Approach™: Facilitating Self-Feeding in Babies with Feeding Challenges With guest speaker Jill Rabin, M.S,. CCC-SLP/L, IBCLC


Our popular Picky Eating Webinar Series 2022 is still up for grabs!

Picky Eating 2022 Series – Looking for New Techniques?

  • Is a 3-part webinar series (4.5 CPEUs)


Did you know we have a newsletter called Newsbites?! We enjoy putting these together for you and would love to have some guest bloggers: If you’re interested, hit reply and change the subject line to “newsletter pitch”, and tell us about your topic with a quick outline. If you have an idea for a newsletter, but don’t want to write it, we’re always taking requests. So now’s the time to submit those burning questions!


Here are our most popular blog posts from 2022:

Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (aka FPIAP) – What’s Our End Game?

Thickening Feeds for Infant Reflux – New Evidence for an Old Strategy

Allergy Testing in High Risk Infants, Should We Screen Before Introducing Highly Allergenic Foods?


Thanks for being on this journey with us and we’re looking forward to the year ahead!

Charlene and Julie

P.S. Our Facebook group Pediatric Dietitians: Newbies to Masters hit 3.6k as we write this. You can also follow us on our FB page and IG.

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